The Malaysia 2016 ICDM Conference is coordinated by:


Global Deaf Muslim (GDM)

GDM Logo

Global Deaf Muslim (GDM) is a non-profit organization led by volunteer efforts to provide Islamic knowledge to deaf and hard of hearing members of the Islamic community. GDM Mission is Raising Awareness on the Challenges and Rights of Deaf Muslims

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD)

MFD Logo

Malaysia Federation of the Deaf (MFD) is a national general non-profit organization in Malaysia led by Deaf Management. It has 13 state deaf organization members. It also is an Ordinary Membership of World Federation ot the Deaf (WFD).

Malaysian Deaf Muslims Association (PRISMA)


Malaysian Deaf Muslim Association (PRISMA) is a national muslim non-profit organization in Malaysia led by Deaf Muslim Management.